(225 Pcs)Surprise Party Decoration Package (Red & White)

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Quick Overview

Package Contains-
*Heart shape Red Balloon (50 pcs)
*Red Metallic Balloons (100 Pcs)
*White Metallic Balloons (100 Pcs)
(including 40-50 hanging balloons with ribbons sticked to the ceiling using removable tapes)

Important Notes:-*Some additional items might not be available for instant booking. Please do call us for confirmation.

*Must Know*
*We use metallic balloons. Helium balloons are not advisable for balloon decoration at home.
*We use removable tapes for decorations.
*The pictures we displayed here are of the original setup and the similar(depends on your location also)
would be done at your place.
*You are requested to provide stool or ladder for decorations on ceiling.


1 review for (225 Pcs)Surprise Party Decoration Package (Red & White)

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